Developing Brazil's next iron ore province

  • Independent producer

  • Trend of 56km of advanced exploration for iron and manganese

  • Center of the state of Bahia, Brazil

  • Own property in mining area

  • Significant drilling program and constant expansion of resources

  • Large undeveloped iron ore deposits with proven logistics





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Brazil Iron Ltd. is a privately held company, headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company has 24 iron and manganese mining processes through its Brazilian subsidiary, Brazil Iron Mineração LTDA.


  • 50 ktpm/month of lump iron ore and high quality Sinter Feed

  • Export and domestic sales in progress

  • Survey campaign and definition of resources under development. Mineral Resources Update due in Q3 2021.

  • Current resource of 36mt. 500mt exploration target.

  • Feasibility of Pellet Feed concentrate with 65 - 68% Fe in metallurgical testing phase.

We produce some of the highest quality iron ore products globally. This means less pollution in the steel making process and higher quality steel for an urbanizing world population.

Brazil Iron believes that in the modern world, profitability and sustainability are inextricably linked. Strong financial performance supports investment in long term high quality environmental strategies and our investors and shareholders expect and demand that the Company takes its environmental and social responsibilities very seriously.