The future of iron and steel

The fundamental demand for iron and steel is set for the foreseeable future on the basis of the continued population growth and high rates of urbanisation. In order to deliver the required steel in a sustainable way, without emitting co2 into the atmosphere, substantially increased production of direct reduction iron products is required. This requires a significant number of new direct reduction grade iron ore mines, as well as the transition of existing sinter feed producing mines into direct reduction grade pellet feed operations where the geology allows.

Direct reduction iron ore is critical for 2050 net zero CO2 targets

This means a 10x increase in DRI required by 2050

Additional 576mt of DRI required per year by 2050

Direct reduction
grade green iron

Our world-class iron ore deposits (itabirite) will be beneficiated using magnetic separation and flotation at the mine site. The process will produce a 68% Fe concentrate using 100% renewable electricity. The production of direct reduction green pellets and HBI will occur in the port complex using renewable electricity, green hydrogen and bio-methane.

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Brazil Iron intend to become the first integrated producer of green pellet feed, pellets and HBI, with net-zero carbon emissions.

Project Overview

Building the world’s first net-zero carbon emission integrated green pellet feed, pellet and HBI operation. 100% renewable energy, green hydrogen and direct reduction iron ore.

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CO2 Emissions

Our goal is to become global leaders in decarbonising the iron and steel industry. We are uniquely positioned to develop a new VRO C02 operation, with all processes and logistics running on…

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Our team have extensive experience in the exploration, development, financing and mining of iron ore deposits around the world.

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