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Environment and Sustainability

The Company is structured to deliver a vision of environmental sustainability. Brazil Iron has built an excellent team of experienced professionals in the following disciplines:

Forest Engineers
These professionals carry out studies on forest resources, their exploitation and reforestation, aiming to minimize the environmental impacts caused by the extraction of the ore.
Geologists and Biologists
These professionals work to legalize research with the responsible bodies such as: ANM (National Mining Agency) and INEMA (Environment and Water Resources Institute).
Environmental technician
These professionals act in the quality control of environmental actions within Mining, selective collection, nursery and seed collection, monitoring of effluents, monitoring of socio-environmental actions and ASV (authorization for suppression of vegetation) actions in the areas of mineral research.
“Everyone has the right to an ecologically balanced environment, good for the common use of the people and a healthy quality of life is essential, imposing on the public authorities and the community the duty to defend and preserve it for present and future generations.” (Art. 225 Brazilian Federal Constitution.)

Brazil Iron believes that in the modern world, profitability and sustainability are inextricably linked. Strong financial performance supports investment in long term high quality environmental strategies and our investors and shareholders expect and demand that the Company takes its environmental and social responsibilities very seriously.

Angico Vermelho seeds
Collecting litter on local roads
Planting native seeds
Seedlings in Brazil Iron nursery
Opening of holes for revegetation
Brazil Iron nursery
Coleta de sementes com parceria da Secretaria do Meio Ambiente e da Brigada.jpeg
Seed collection in partnership with the Secretary of Environment and Brigade
Coleta de sementes de Umburana-de-cheiro.jpeg
Seed collection of "Umburana de Cheiro"