Environment Team

Currently, an Environment team is formed by:

Forest Engineers

These professionals carry out studies on forest resources, their exploitation and reforestation, aiming to minimize the environmental impacts caused by the extraction of the ore.

Geologists and Biologists

These professionals work to legalize research with the responsible bodies such as: ANM (National Mining Agency) and INEMA (Environment and Water Resources Institute).

Environmental technician

This professional acts in the quality control of environmental actions within Mining, selective collection, nursery and seed collection, monitoring of effluents, monitoring of socio-environmental actions and ASV (authorization for suppression of vegetation) actions in the areas of mineral research.

Social Worker

This professional acts as a representative of the company in direct communication with the local community, collects and analyzes data, contributes to the sustainable development and sustainability of the values and culture of self-preservation of the human being, of all living beings and of the transcendence of Brazil Iron.