No Mining, No Mobile | Brazil Iron

For those who didn’t follow our post last week, we are starting a series called Vida sem Minação. The objective is to make people, in general, aware that mining activity is present in several areas of our lives. Some of them we didn’t even imagine.

In this first text, let’s understand that, without the mining activity, you wouldn’t even be reading this information. Let’s see:

Iron (Fe) – the most common and most used metal in the manufacture of smartphones (about 20% of the components have iron in their manufacture). It is present in the speakers, microphones and stainless steel housings.

Aluminum (x) – in addition to being an option to steel, it is used to manufacture screen glass.

Copper (Cu) – is used abundantly in electrical circuits.

These are just examples of the three most used metals in manufacturing a cell phone, as there are many others. As we said at the beginning, if there were no mining, you would not be able to consult social networks, send messages to friends or call relatives who live far away.