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Brazil Iron Mineração LTDA aspires its Ombudsman to be an open communication channel for dialogue with its stakeholders, welcoming citizens and promoting social participation of the communities where it operates. The company understands that the manifestations arising from those that action the Ombudsman can promote continuous improvement in the delivery of its services.

The actions developed by the Ombudsman are essentially linked to listening, understanding and respect, as well as to defend the intrinsic rights of the citizen, with feedback to all those to whom it is addressed. It is important that the motivation that brings you to this channel is described in detail, clearly and objectively, so we can understand it and consequently forward the respective solution. 

​Once received, the manifestations are evaluated, forwarded to the competent sector and a response will be sent to your email as soon as possible. This space is private and confidential, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD), Lei nº 13.709 / 2018 (Brasil)."


"Brazil Iron Mineração Ltda has as principle to maintain the highest levels of safety and quality in conducting its business, attentive to community welfare and the environment.

The implementation of our Ombudsman is part of the socially responsible conduct of our company, dedicated to maintaining a direct and healthy communication channel with all of our audiences. Our expectation is that this growing interaction represents gains in safety, health, environmental protection and quality of life.

Upon actioning the Ombudsman, we will be fully available for guidance and feedback to your message."

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