Brazil Iron invests in social and environmental projects for the communities of Bocaina and Mocó

With an emphasis on caring for the environment and people, Brazil Iron invests in environmental, social and educational actions that value local culture and socioeconomic development. These are projects that seek to generate trust and dialogue with communities. Check below some of the projects promoted by the company that are in progress:

Nurse at the PSF - In partnership with the City of Piatã, Brazil Iron participates in the service at the Family Health Program (PSF) post in the communities of Bocaina and Mocó. Nurse Camila Barreto, hired by the company for three months, provides guidance and monitoring of the health of residents.

Wellness & Health Project - Through this initiative, the elderly in the communities of Bocaina and Mocó will experience muscle strengthening activities, recreation and leisure, on Wednesdays and Fridays, at 8:30 am. The youngsters will participate in a football school, at a time yet to be defined. In addition, there will be health care on Saturdays with a nurse and dance classes every fortnight. The team consists of a physiotherapist, a nurse, a physical education professional and two interns. The responsible coordinator is Bruno Moreira.

Nurseries - Social and environmental project that consists of donating seedlings to communities neighboring the mine for revegetation purposes and for carrying out the Degraded Areas Recovery Programs (PRAD). An area for environmental education was built for internal (company employees) and external (students) audiences. In it, lectures will be promoted focusing on the botanical identification of species, seed feasibility and storage processes, soil preparation, seedling production and correct ways to recover degraded areas.