Brazil Iron places Piatã as the second in Brazil in mineral research

Piatã, in Chapada Diamantina, was ranked second in Brazil's investments in mineral research in 2021. According to data recently released by the National Mining Agency (ANM), the small municipality of about 20,000 inhabitants reached the mark of R$ 151,520,518.94, second only to Congonhas-MG, with just over R$ 207 million.

"This result confirms the importance of mining for our region: services contracted in the city, people from outside who come and leave financial resources in the region. Hotels, inns, stores, markets and other establishments grow because of this activity. We hope that this good news raises awareness of all those who work against the development of our municipality", said the mayor of Piatã, Marcos Paulo.

Brazil Iron is the leading mining company in the city. According to the ANM, the company was responsible for 99.95% of the contribution to research in Piatã. Because of this investment, with around R$ 240 million, Bahia was the second most invested in research in the country, representing almost 30% of the entire national amount, behind only Minas Gerais, with R$ 272 million.

"These numbers prove our confidence that this project will place Piatã and the region in a position of national leadership. It will also help Bahia to grow even more in terms of mineral production in Brazil. Our goal is to help make the state the main Iron Ore federation unit in the country. The results of Brasil Iron's investment in mineral research and strong government support confirm that this will be achieved over the next decade as we identify an internationally significant concentration of iron ore in Piatã, Abaíra and Jussiape," said Guy Saxton, CEO of Brazil Iron.

In the state, the company was by far the one that contributed the most to the activity. About 63% of all investment in Bahia came from Brazil Iron. For every BRL 3 invested in mineral research in Bahia, BRL 2 comes from the company located in Piatã. Brazil invested BRL 857,971,484.10 in these studies, the most significant volume in the last 10 years. Until then, the record had been in 2012, with just over R$ 717 million.

In the Bahian ranking, in addition to Piatã, the cities of São Félix, Manoel Vitorino, Ibitiara and Canudos, close the list of the five best. Iron is skyrocketing, representing the state's most significant financial employment. Of the R$ 240 million, 67% correspond to contributions to research on this mineral substance. Gold, Clays, Vanadium and Aluminum (Bauxite) complete the top of the list.