Copy of Employment and Income Generation

Brazil Iron has around 420 employees, of which 356 are from the municipalities of Piatã and Abaíra, generating employment and income. In addition to generating 4,680 indirect jobs, according to the Brazilian Mining Institute (Ibram). A socioeconomic survey carried out in the region shows that 59% of the families in Piata today have a per capita income equal to or greater than two minimum wages. The GDP per capita, which in 2017 was a little more than R$3,000, is currently in the range of R$7,250.00, due to the positive impact of mining activities in the municipality.

The Company's presence in the municipality has generated a positive impact on the lives of the local population also through the transfer of the CFEM (Financial Compensation for Mineral Exploration). In May 2020, Brazil Iron released to the public coffers around R$ 20 million in royalties related to extraction activities from June 2018 to April 2020.

This amount has been used in the paving of streets in the municipality and in the districts of Cabrália and Inúbia, in the recovery and improvement of local roads (all rural territory), in the construction of the Family Health Care Unit in the community of Bocaina, which it also serves residents of the regions of Mocó, Carrapicho, Conceição, Caetaninho and Rio de Contas, in the restoration and expansion of public buildings (municipal market, city hall...), in the construction of squares with areas for leisure and physical activities, among other investments.