Iron Ore Products 

Lump Iron Ore.jpg


6.3 - 40.0 mm                58-62% Fe

Crushed and screened compact/ massive hematite. Perfectly suited for direct loading into a blast furnace.
The iron content of the Brazil Iron's premium Lump ore usually exceeds 62% Fe and contains very low impurities.

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Sinter Feed 

0.15 - 6.30 mm                    61% Fe

Fine iron ore produced via crushing and fine screening of massive hematite. This material is ideal for agglomeration to produce ''sinter'. Brazil Iron's sinter feed usually exceeds 61% Fe and contains low contaminants.

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Pellet Feed

< 0.15 mm                      65-68% Fe

very fine iron ore product, typically agglomerated into pellets prior to being fed in to blast furnaces. We have developed a process route to upgrade our itabirite deposits into a 65-68% Fe concentrate, with very low contaminants.

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